Development Summer League 2018

Development Games – transition to 11 aside for U 12’s to U13’s.


The focus of these games is to offer Woolton teams the opportunity to develop, practice and share ideas between teams and coaches in a non-competitive environment prepare for the transition from 9 a side mini football to 11 a side games.

Teams participating will be current u12’s teams moving to u13’s and current u13’s moving to u14’s. The idea that coaches and teams who have played 1 year at 11 aside can share their experience with the younger sides, whilst giving them the opportunity to play in a non-competitive environment to work on areas of development for themselves.

This is not a competitive environment, teams wishing to play competitive football should consider other summer leagues and tournaments.

6 Coaches from participating teams met and agreed the following:

1 – Where there is a clear difference in ability and scoreline emerging in games coaches should introduce challenges and supports to the teams involved. The games should remain useful and developmental for both teams. Suggestions shared included the following, all coaches should make themselves aware of these so are able to implement with their teams. If you need any guidance on these James Leck/Ricky Hughes & myself (Jon Broadhurst) are available to share these with you.

  • Playing through the keeper. Team that is in ascendancy when wins back possession needs to play the ball back to their own keeper and play back out again before making a goal attempt.
  • Team in ascendancy is required to keep possession for a time period (5mins) before being allowed to make an attempt at goal.
  • Teams swap whole group of players, attackers/midfielders or defenders. This works particularly well swapping defenders, a team that has been in the ascendancy and the defenders have not been under any pressure in defending is tested whilst the other defenders are offered the opportunity to defend under less pressure to build confidence.
  • Teams in ascendancy can only score from crossing and finishing, this encourages wide play.
  • Only 1 named player is able to score, suggestion can be to make it a defender, that you want to encourage to push forward.
  • Score from a designated area, mark an area on the pitch that the team are only allowed to score from, this can assist both attacking and defending teams.

Other challenges and supports are available, James/Ricky/Ben have all completed the Youth Module and can give suggestions.


2 – Spectators, players and coaches are reminded of the codes of conduct that are attached on this website. Particularly for these development we encourage parents to adhere to the following as coaches will be working on things within the games that may not appear the ‘norm’ but have a development focus. Please share this with anyone spectating at the games.

  • Coaches of both teams will stand on one side of the pitch, spectators to stand on the other, this will allow coaches the opportunity to work closely together during the game.
  • Spectators asked not to coach or direct players from the side line, before, during and after the game.
  • Spectators asked to applaud good play for both teams and players.
  • Coaches to remind all spectators before each game and responsible that this adhered to with the support of other Woolton coaches.
  • Players to be reminded that these are development games, over celebration of goals in development/friendly games is not encouraged and coaches will address over celebration with their own players.


3 – Game Format

  • Development Games will run from 2/3rd June to 21st/22nd July, Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Games will be 30 mins each way with each team have the opportunity of up to 2 timeouts in each half to address any coaching or balancing games.
  • Referees will be made aware of the development focus. In addition the ‘Sin Bin’ that was piloted in the Liverpool County Premier League this year will be used. This means that any player showing dissent will be sent to the side line for 8 mins, the team is not allowed to replace the player.
  • Size 4 balls to be used.
  • The first teams playing that day will put up one net each, the last game each side will take a net down. These are kept in the security hut at the end of the road. Bring your own pegs, corner flags.
  • Home and away kits – coaches can arrange kit colours between each other prior to games, but bring bibs as well just in case.
  • Kick off times will be 9.00/10.15/11.30 – Saturday 9.30/10.45 – Sunday.
  • Fixtures are to be posted on website.
  • Referee fee is £24, £12 from each team.
  • If you are unable to fulfil a fixture you must inform the opposition manager and referee 48 hours before kick off, failure to do so will mean that the team not fulfilling the fixture is liable for the full referees fee for both teams. The club will ensure that this is collected from you. Others maybe able to fulfil the fixture so please communicate via the Whatspp group to see if this is possible.
  • Where a team fails to turn up for a fixture and hasn’t given 48 hours notice, the referee still has to be paid (£24) by the team who did turn up. This can be reclaimed in full via the club from the team who didn’t attend.
  • Any problems or concerns should be raised with Colin Windrow or Dave Woods.

4 – Code of Conduct




For Woolton FC Players – Code of Conduct Young Players

For Woolton FC Parents and Spectators – Code of Conduct Spectators Parents and Carers

For Woolton FC Coaches/Managers – Code of Conduct Coaches and Managers

5 – Fixtures


6 – Location

All fixtures to be played at Goodlass Rd, Speke, Liverpool L24 9HJ

Goodlass Road - Match Day Pitch

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Goodlass Road - Match Day Pitch 53.354547, -2.868354