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MSB Woolton Football Club is an FA Charter Standard Community Club based at Camp Hil
l in the Woolton area of south Liverpool. We were awarded Liverpool County FA’s Charter Standard Community Club of the year for 2014. The club currently operates in excess of 70 teams from Academy through to Under 21 as well as having a veterans’ team and two men’s open age teams. We also have a women’s open age team and five girls’ teams from Under 10 to Under 16.

Most of the teams play in the Merseyside & Halewood Junior Football League but we are also represented in the South Liverpool, Belle Vale, West Derby and Halton Leagues.

Most of the teams operate weekly training sessions with the majority taking place on Saturday mornings. The club has an open door policy and welcomes anyone, within the age groups, to join the training sessions. Coaching also takes place on Saturdays for under 7’s and the popularity of these sessions is leading to rapidly growing numbers in this section.

Anyone interested in participating at any age group or level should initially either visit Camp Hill on a Saturday morning or make contact by phone or email.



We are unsure when teams began to play under the Woolton banner but about 10 years ago the club was operating from Woolton Youth club in Woolton village and was registered at the FA as Woolton Youth Centre FC. The teams were loosely affiliated and the business of the club was run by a management committee of all the managers. There was at that time no formal constitution. At the same time as the teams developed a drop in football session was taking place firstly adjacent to the youth club and then at Camp Hill on Woolton Road. This session led to a number of teams at various ages being formed and the club rose in size considerably.

In order to control the clubs rise in size it was decided that a formal organisation would be created and as a result a general meeting was called at which a committee was elected and a constitution created.

The club subsequently adopted codes of practice for players, coaches, parents and spectators and set about ensuring that all its managers and coaches became qualified to a minimum FA level one standard. This was a slow process given the number of teams but in 2005 the club was ready and following application to the FA was awarded FA Charter Standard Development Club status. The club has been awarded Charter Standard Community Club status by the FA during 2010. Community Club status is the pinnacle of the club development pathway and is awarded to clubs that have a high quality, multi-team set up with excellent social, training and playing opportunities for all. As such Community Club status is one of the truest measures of success for the FA Football Development strategy and is considered by the FA to be the ultimate goal for clubs at grassroots level.


Click here to view the Woolton FC Constitution

Codes of Conduct

To avoid any possible confusion caused by having separate codes of conduct Woolton FC have decided to adopt all of the FA codes. Please click on the links below to be directed to the various codes. Everyone involved with  MSB Woolton FC is expected to be familiar with the codes and the club constitution and act in accordance with them.

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Young Players Code of Conduct

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials Code of Conduct

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Spectators, Parents/Carers Code of Conduct

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Match Officials Code of Conduct

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Adult Players Code of Conduct

MSB Woolton FC & FS CRB Guidance

Click here to the MSB Woolton FC CRB Guidelines  WFC CRB Guidelines

Click here to view the FA CRB Guidance Webpage  FA CRB Guidance

Click here to view the FA CRB Guidance Notes For Applicants  Guidance Notes For Applicants

Anti Discrimination And Equal Opportunities Policy

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Anti Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy

Complaints Procedure

Click here to view the MSB Woolton FC Complaints Procedure

Social Media FA Guidelines

Click here to view the FA Social Media Guidelines Social Media FA Guidelines.pdf

Liability Insurance 2017/2018

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Public Liabilty Insurance

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